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After Sales Support

At Matrix Technologies, we understand the importance of technology to our customer’s everyday lives. As such, if you have purchased a product or service from Matrix technologies Trading LLC, which exhibits a fault or need services support from our side, our aim is to resolve the issue for you in the fastest time possible.

We normally provide a free support for most of our products and services for a limited period as mentioned in the Invoice. After this period the customer has to ask for an agreement with Matrix Technologies Trading LLC to avail continues support for the products or services they bought. (Eg:-Annual Maintenance Contract). The types support will differ from contract to contracts.

Types of Support:-

  1. Tele-Support: - Telephonic support is the most popular way of servicing the customers, which can solve most of the functional problems uncounted during the day to day life.
  2. Online Support: - If the issues are not resolved through telephonic advices, Matrix Technologies will provide online support to access the client’s PCs. The response time for these 2 supports will be very less as compared to other methods
  3. Email Support: - The technical team from Matrix Technologies will provide Email support mostly for whom who need support after office hours.
  4. On-site Support: - Certified consultants from Matrix Technologies will be present at customer premises for giving the ultimate support for major issues. This method is also known as ‘Premium Support’. The on-site support will provide mostly to solve complex issues like data problems.

Response Time & Terms of Support: - The response time and type of support will differ from agreement types.