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CCTV and Security Systems

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is used for monitoring and recording activities in and around your home and business. You can choose to leave your cameras visible to the public so they know you are watching, or be more discreet by installing covert or hidden cameras to record activity. Either way, a properly designed and installed system will provide the ultimate security you demand. We offer a professional line of CCTV parts and accessories, and an experienced staff to make sure they are properly installed and maintained.

CCTV System Solutions available for all kinds of properties like Hotels, Banks, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Shopping Malls, Factories, Warehouses, Villas and Offices and High Quality Security cameras are available Dome, box, IR, True Day and Night, WDR and IP cameras are avaible for different types of requirements



  • Network Camera                  
    • Box Camera
    • ndoor Dome Camera
    • Outdoor Dome Camera
    • Minidome Camera
    • IR Bullet Camera
    • Cube Camera
    • Dedicated Products
  • Analog Camera
    • Box Camera
    • Indoor Dome Camera
    • Outdoor Dome Camera
    • IR Bullet Camera
    • IR Dome Camera
    • Zoom Camera
    • PTZ Camera
    • DIS Camera
    • Mini Camera
    • HD-SDI Camera

  • Analog Speed Dome

  • Network Speed Dome

  • Network Video Recorder

  • Digital Video Recorder

  • Hybrid Video Recorder

  • Encoder & Decoder

  • Video Encode & Decode Card

  • Network Storage

  • Video Management Software

  • Accessories