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Cheque Printing Software -Matrix Cheque.

The Complete Cheque Printing Software Matrix Cheque will help you to print cheques in your own customized format. You can also get a bank statement with your inward transaction. The software provides complete cheque printing which can print all the cheque elements like Payee, Date, Amount, A/C Payee Only Bearer, Logo, just fill in the software and print the cheque.

Cheque Printing Advantages

User frienly GUI helps you to creates and design new cheque layout.Customizable Reports enable to produce PDC report Party wise and Bank wise according to the selected date interval.Bach Printing facility enable you to print multiple cheque like loan cheques with definite date interval and salary cheques in a single click. Import batch from excel sheet allows you to print multiple cheques thruogh exel sheet data.Matrix Cheque enables you to cheque both english and arabic languages.  

Software Features