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PABX and IP Telephone systems

Matrix can offer a wide range of telephone systems from some of the industries leading manufacturers to suit all types of applications from small office and home to medium sized businesses.

Our systems can be designed and installed to meet your exact requirements, whether it is a voice only system or integrated into your computer network to give you a fully integrated structured network.

We can also implement additional features like voice-mail, computer telephony integration, call management software, call logging and recording systems, door intercom, lone working and many more.

IP Services

Matrix offer a range of IP solutions that allows customers to adopt and introduce IP telephony at a pace that suits them. Solutions include IP PBXs and network based IP telephony solutions.

Existing Telephone Systems

Matrix can also offer to maintain your existing telephone system. Whether you need additional outlets or moves and changes to existing outlet positions we can help.

We are also able to carry out the installation of additional infrastructure cabling. Our voice cabling portfolio also includes the installation of CW1308 multi-core telephone cables to link floors of buildings together or external links to link buildings and large campuses.

Our commitment to quality installation and service is complemented by our policy on staff training & vetting. All of our installation staff are trained to high standards in both installation and safety, enabling all installations to be carried out in a safe and professional manner.