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VoIP Technical Support:
We’re experts in setting up remote working systems that let you work from anywhere in the world just as if you were in the office. We can specify and install virtual private networks (VPNs) or more sophisticated, high-security access, especially designed for businesses with highly sensitive data.
If your calls over VoIP are consistantly poor, then use our tutorials to correct your problems.Troubleshooting VoIP problems can be a daunting task when confronted with all the possibilities that one needs to look at.  They can include networking issues on the LAN, phone equipment and connections, ATA configurations, dialing plans, as well as problems occurring on the Internet.  Add to this array wireless routers and bridges, NAT translation issues, firewalls, E1's, DSL and cable modems, and ISP connections and it is easy to see that there can be a lot to look at.  For this reason, it is important to try to identify the problem first, and from there take logical steps to limit the possibilities causing the problem.  The process of limiting the factors until the issue stops occurring, can be the best way to start troubleshooting.
For example, if there is a problem with static or buzz on the phone, the first step would be to reduce the connections and number of phones connected to the ATA.  If, after having one phone connected directly to the ATA, by limiting all splitters and other devices between them and the issue still occurs, then take it one step further.  Replace the phone in use.  Does the problem still occur, or has the problem stopped?  In this way, one can get to the root cause of the problem.  
There are 4 main areas of issues:
● Networking and LAN Issues                           
● Phone and Voice Quality
● WAN Connectivity & the Internet
● Faxing Issues & other devices

Solving VoIP quality issues can be done by taking one step at a time. Sometimes the best advice is "keep it simple".  Do things one step at a time.  If you try to make multiple changes all at once, you may complicate the original issue.  You don't want to compound one issue into multiple problems.               
Networking and LAN issues
Networking and LAN (local area network) issues are best described  as problems in one of the following areas:
● Connectivity between one or more PC's and the Internet.

● Unable to make two way calls successfully from or to the phone connected directly to the IAD, even though there is dial tone. Check out how to configure Port Forwarding on your router.
● The router has an unusual light display.
● Sporadic loss or slowing of Internet connectivity, including calls going to dead silence or one-way audio.
Although these issues can occur at any given time, they are most likely to develop after a device has been added to an already existing network.  If you are just installing your VoIP service for the first time, then topics under the VoIP Installation Issues would be best to search first.